How To Celebrate Bare Feet
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Hey Foot Lover,

   Last week I shared with you a little bit about how I go about getting models...

   You know, like through Craigslist, friends or just meeting girls on the street...

   And as you can imagine, it's one of those things that if done properly can yield some pretty nice results.

   Why would I share this with you?

   Well, there is a reason...

   And this might sound bold at first... but I wanted to give you a call to action!

   I want you to share with the rest of the online female foot loving community.

   The best and easiest way to do this is through the PedPurist website...

   I have a section called "Friends Feet" and it's a place where foot fans, like yourself, have sent me pictures that I've posted.

   And most of them are from girls they know, like their girlfriend or their wife, who have amazing feet that they want to share with the world!

   You see, sharing is like a "celebration"...

   Something you can share with others not only gives you the satisfaction that you contributed, but it shows that you care about other female foot lovers as well...

   So let's see some of those beautiful bare feet that YOU enjoy!

   You can write me here:

   I look forward to hearing from you!

Now, on to this week's sharing section...

After finding the photoset of Jess this week I couldn't help but share her precious peds with you.

Here's a great shot of the tops of her feet and tattoos...

And check out her fanastic toes...

Check out how curvy her feet are... isn't that great!?!

What about those smooth and short soles??

And now you know why Jess is one of our favorite Beautiful Barefoot Girls!

   Finding some of these photosets really brings back memories...

   And in the past, I've shared with you the reasons why I created the Beautiful Barefoot Girls website...

   But really, I do it all for us... for the community of foot lovers that live anywhere in the world.

   You see, to me, it's really our love of feet that brings us together...

   And we all play our own roles when it comes to expressing our love of feet.

   Thats why I can say with confidence that the Beautiful Barefoot Girls website is for you...

   It's for you because it was created by foot lovers for foot lovers. Created for the geniune and authentic worship of beautiful bare feet.

   And with over thirteen thousand pictures in almost four hundred galleries, you know that there is going to be something specifically for you.

   I have all kinds of feet... slender soles with long toes... small, petite feet with tiny toes and everything else in between.

   And if pictures aren't your thing, what about videos?

   I've got plenty of videos on my site...

   I even have tons of articles and stories about bare feet.

   But don't just take my word for it... You need to check it out for yourself...

   When you're ready to literally turbo-boost your private collection of bare feet go here:

You'll be glad you did.

Talk to you soon,

Oh yeah, and I should mention that I've been keeping my Clips4Sale site up-to-date...

For single videos of exactly what you want, check out my Clips4Sale page here:

Beautiful Barefoot Girls Clips4Sale site

P.S. If you have a cool foot story that you'd like to share, I'd love to print it in a Newsletter. I promise to leave your REAL name out of the mail.. but please tell me where you are writing from!

It can be about ANYTHING cool you want to share with me. I really want to build an internet community where female feet are worshipped the way they SHOULD be!

You can write me at:

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