Toe Tasting Tips from a Fun Foot Model
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Hey Foot Lover,

   During a recent photoshoot I had a conversation with a very cute model.

   It was a great conversation about toe-sucking that I wanted to share with you.

   And, out of the gate I have to say that toe-sucking, in and of itself isn't something that a model would necessarily do herself.

   Of course, after you tell her that it turns on all her fans and gets her even more fans she is much more willing to give it a try.

   But that's not where this conversation went... and it was very interesting.

   The model said that she has no choice but to compare this request to something that has happened in her life... like her boyfriends and how she related to their physical requests.

   She confessed that in the right context she loved the guys who dove right in, not even asking if they could enjoy her toes by tasting them.

   But she really emphasized that she needed to be uber comfortable with them in the first place... and she thought that it was a bit silly to ask for it.

   This really caught my attention... here I am talking about toe-sucking with a Beautiful Barefoot Girl... someone who we all wouldn't mind tasting for ourselves... and we're talking about something really personal.

   Then, to steer the conversation to really get into the mind of a woman, I asked her what she liked about having her toes sucked.

   What she said might suprise you...

   She said that while she does enjoy the feeling of her toes being in someone else's mouth that she liked the freedom associated with it the most.

   When I asked her to clarify she said that if she is with someone who is open-minded enough and "free" enough with their thinking that making her feel good is their main goal, then toe-sucking would be the ultimate way to express that.

   I was dumbfounded... no, really, I was.

   This amazing model just confessed to me that the highest level of appreciation, in her mind, was to provide her with the exact thing that I want to do!

Toe-Sucking Specifics

   She then got into specifics...

   She said that no matter what you do, it's going to tickle at first and that it takes some time to get used to it, so that you should begin lightly.

   She then said to never stay in one spot for too long... If you do, it makes that area numb and she gets used to the sensation, something that might not be the best when expressing your attraction in this way.

   Next, there is no right or wrong time to do this... someone who enjoys you, and really enjoys sucking on toes or licking feet, should be willing to do it right after the gym when her feet are all sweaty and stinky or right after she got out of the shower or got a pedicure... either way, her feet are an amazing extension of her and should be respected and treated with complete dignity!

   She really opened up to me and got into some intense ground for me, especially since I'm a big fan of toe-sucking myself, both watching and performing.

   So there you have it...    Three distinct comments from a Beautiful Barefoot Girl about toe-sucking!

   You only get this one place... and I'm proud to deliver it!

   I'd also love to know how you feel about this, girl or guy... details on how to express your own opinions are below...


   I've made it no secret that I'm working on a new site.

   And I created this site directly from feedback that I've received from you, so I know that you're going to love it.

   One interesting thing that you might not know is that there are quite a few women that subscribe to this Newsletter list, and for that matter my site as well.

   And the wonderful women who have written me do truely love female feet... or, I should say, they love them in the same way that I do... with appreciation and sensuality!

   That being said, I have been very busy prepping a series of stories for the new site... and I've been letting a few of my models read them and their responses have been great.

   The feedback I've got has been amazing... the girls are really into the stories and even get turned on by them.

   But, I guess that's the point, huh?

   And once the new site it up, you can check these stories out for yourself... what started out as one has turned into ten and it follows a model who starts off with self-introspection (coming to love her feet), self-exploration (starting to enjoy her feet, like we talked about in this newsletter), fantasy (really making her love of feet her own) and ultimately bringing it into a reality with an amazing new partner.

   And the best part is that it's based on a true-life story of one of the first girls I shot for my site.

   Man, I get excited just thinking about it... and I'm REALLY excited to share them with you.

   Keep tuned in for the big site announcement.

Beautiful Barefoot Girls on You Tube...

   I've been updating my YouTube channel with some new videos recently.

   It's the best way to see some natural bare feet when you want to... No waiting around for those socks and shoes to be removed.

   If you subscribe to my channel you'll notice that it's nothing put those pure and awesome female feet that you know and love!

   It's here:

   I'd love to hear what you think of my YouTube channel and what you think of my conversation about toe-sucking...

   You can write me directly at

Sharing Section...

Today's sharing section is Kirsten and her petite feet...

In fact, this whole week has been about Kirsten.

We did a photoshoot last week and I got some pretty amazing photographs of her... not to mention some uber-sexy videos of some sandal removal and some nice close-ups of her tiny toe.

Yes, Kirsten is amazing, and simply put, a Beautiful Barefoot Girl:

Yummy soles and toe-spreading...

Smooth and placid soles...

And then we end it with the lovely shape of her feet and toes....

And that's why Kirsten is a Cute, Beautiful Barefoot Girl!

   Regardless of the type of expression you think is the best, we all agree that female feet are amazing.

   And we agree that they are amazing on so many different levels.

   That's why I've carefully constructed my website as a safe and secure place to enjoy feet.

   My site doesn't judge, saying that you need to enjoy them one way or another... and my site isn't littered with a bunch of extra stuff that you don't want to see.

   If you like female feet, you are going to LOVE my site.

   I showcase toes, soles, arches and bare female feet in a way that makes you feel like it's just you and the model.

   Sometimes the beautiful girl does a shoe removal, letting you savor each and every second that her foot is coming out of her shoes... and sometimes she starts off barefoot and lets me get extreme close-ups just like you're about ready to kiss her amazing feet.

   I should also mention that the girls on my site love to show off their feet... and they know from the beginning why you love feet, no manipulation here... just the freedom to check out some naturally amazing feet in a natural and private setting.

   When you're ready to literally OVERLOAD your private collection of bare feet pictures and videos, you'll need to subscribe to my site.

   To see what I mean, you'll need to check out my site for yourself...

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You'll be glad you did.

Talk to you soon,

Oh yeah, and I should mention that I've been keeping my Clips4Sale site up-to-date...

For single videos of exactly what you want, check out my Clips4Sale page here:

Beautiful Barefoot Girls Clips4Sale site

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