Beautiful Barefoot Girls

It's important to me that you stay on the Just Bare Feet Newsletter list. Below are some hints and tips on how to make certain that you are getting my Newsletters!

As always, you can write me with any questions!

Please click on the email program you use for instructions:




Outlook or Outlook Express



1. Click on the "Options" button on the upper right hand side.

2. Click on "Junk Email Protection"

3. Click on "Safe List"

4. On the next screen, type in '' as the domain name to place on your Safe List and hit the "Add" button:


5. When the screen refreshes, you'll see "@yourfeetwanted". Place a check mark for this domain and you are good to go!



1. Click on "Mail Options" (in the upper right hand corner).


2. Click on "Filters".




3. Click on "Add".



4. Under Filter Name, choose something "Female Feet!" or "I love FEET". The first field is "From header". Choose "contains" and type in "" in the next available box. Finally, underneath that it asks what you want to do with the message. Choose "InBox" (or wherever you want to send it).




5. Finally, click "Add Filter" in the lower left hand corner. 



1. Open my newsletter in AOL Mail.
2. Select "Add Address" on the right side of the open email window.
3. Simply click "Save" on the Contacts tab
And that's it! See below....

Outlook & Outlook Express Users

1. When you're in the Inbox, double-click on the message. This will display it in its own window.
2. Then, on the 'From' line (in the message header), RIGHT-click on the name of the person or company that sent the message, and select the "Add to Address Book" option. The name will be added.

Eudora Users

1. While reading a message, pull down the Special menu.

2. Select "Make Address Book Entry".

2a. Or, as a shortcut, you just hit Ctrl-K on the keyboard.


Thanks for hangin' with me!


If you wish to be REMOVED from the list, click the link at the bottom of the Newsletter you received.