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    Love Those Bare Feet...

    Welcome to SexyBarefootGirls.com.

    If you are on my site, chances are you enjoy female feet as much as I do.

    There is something very attractive about the shape and the look of girls bare feet.

    The intention of this site is to not only be a "safe" place to explore your love of feet, but a site to embrace you love of a women's natural foot.

    I've always felt that bare feet represent expression: the expression of freedom and openness.

    This, in turn, makes bare feet and the idea of shedding those shoes and socks attractive.

    So, join me in my celebration of bare soles, toes and arches.

    Click around on the Photo pages to the left and see some wonderful barefoot girls.

    The really cool thing about the Sexy Barefoot Girls site is that all these girls came from my original site of Beautiful Barefoot Girls. They all know exactly what you want from a site devoted to female feet and they enjoy giving it to you.

    You won't find any sad-looking girls, rather you'll notice that each girl WANTS to show off her feet and actually enjoys doing it.

    Not only that, each photoset is setup to make it feel like you are right there with the model, one-on-one and ready to help them enjoy their bare feet in the way that you want to.

    When you are ready to take your personal colletion of barefoot girls photosets and videos to the next level, check out my "main" site... it's where all these models start out and showcase their lovely bare feet.

  • Pictures


    Here is the beautiful Imogen. She is already barefoot and ready to share her naturally attractive bare feet with you. Enjoy her long legs and her even longer toes and soles. Imogen does some great foot stacking and then lets me get some nice close-ups of her sexy toes. If you like these pics, you will love all of Imogen's full photosets and videos on my site.


    Here is the gorgous Tara. Watch as she slowly slips out of her strappy sandals to show off her healthy and beautiful feet.

  • Pictures


    Here is the beautiful Marti wearing some sandals at the park. Watch as she quickly removes her feet from her flip-flops and shares her pretty feet with the world. Once her feet are out into the open air she puts them up on a park bench and shows off her sexy soles. Dig those great close-ups of her toes and the side shots of the shape of her attractive bare feet. If you like these, you can get all of Marti's photosets on my site.

    Davy and Simone

    Here is Davy and Simone in a great sample set from their two-girl barefoot frenzy photosets and videos. Watch as they sit on the edge of the bed, already barefoot and ready to play with each others sexy bare feet. They start off by lifting up their heels and showing off their smooth and sexy soles. This is quickly followed by putting their feet down and showing off all their toes at the same time.